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YOU- Be thorough, respectful, and confident when contacting me. Discerning and CLEAN!


CLEANLINESS- I always suggest a shower before coming in. Not only is it greatly respected, and appreciated but it is also the considerate thing to do, and helps you relax. At this time I do not have a shower, however if you are unable to shower before coming in. I have a restroom stocked with plenty of towels for you to wipe down. Please no swamp a$$!! Upon coming in you will be asked if you need to use the restroom. I will require you to wash your hands before we get started. (FYI I love when a man wears a light fragrance, Aqua Di Gio is one of my favorites!!!)

I have taken much time putting together all this information for your reference. My hope is that you have browsed the website so that you get the gist of what to expect, and what is expected of you.

If we have not met before and it is your first time inquiring, a thorough and informative inquiry is much appreciated. If you send a vague and bland introductory chances are I will not be quick to respond if at all. A sure way to never get me to reply is if you text "you available".



Hey my name is _____ I saw you on (say website) wondering what you might need from me to schedule an appointment..... this is short sweet and to the point. It shows certainty, confidence, and respect, which I value so much. 





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